Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Ways To Advertise, The Best Now Near You

Ways To Advertise, Let’s Face It when comes to advertising your business so many are telling you they have the best product, correct?

When in fact not one single product alone is the answer.

You need multiple streams to have any successful advertising campaign, Free or Paid.

  1. Take advantage of local listings.
    • List your business in local directories, take advantage of FREE business listings or pages. Note: if you have to give your credit card, it is NOT Free!
    • We have 2 business directories and they are FREE unless You want to upgrade. The Colony Town Guide and DFW Town Guide
    • We use PayPal (We Do Not Take Your Credit Card) when you want to purchase.
    • We Do Not Have A Email Campaign Either and load your email account with a bunch of stuff, you contact us when you want something.
  2. Register your business with Google
    • Google Business pages are great and they are Free but you have to have an account, no problem. It’s Free
    • Also get on Google Maps – It too is free
  3. Use social media
    • Coming Soon!
  4. Create engaging content
  5. Optimize your website’s SEO
  6. Create press releases
  7. Get involved in an online community
  8. Use high-quality visuals
  9. Pay for advertising
  10. Participate in local and community events
  11. Host a workshop or webinar
  12. Offer a discounted or free product/service
  13. TV, Radio
  14. Billboards and Signs


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