Mon. Jun 21st, 2021

Welcome To Our Community Page – Community Forums For The Colony, Texas! Let’s Talk About Things In The Colony, Texas. As a member you may post 24/7, ask question and share what is going on in The Colony, Texas. This is our Community Board please keep on subject here. Please No Drama, Fighting or Trash in any of the post, you will be removed. I have made a few different subjects to talk / comment / etc., Please post in the correct topic, Enjoy we are always open to new ideas. To post or reply you must be a member, The Colony Residents and Businesses Only or Business who have purchased an Enhanced Business Page.


Welcome to The Colony Town Guide

One thought on “Community Forums”
  1. So, Why use our website forums? There are a lot of benefits in using a local community board. As a business directory, each page is created to be indexed with the search engines. Combining the business & community directory with forums just for the colony your members are all residents and can share local information while being able to visit or share your business page. Are you in business? This should be a win win for you, the more you are involved with the residents / community the better your business page / advertising works. Folks are getting tired of social media platforms and are looking for other avenues to get involved in that are more personal and closer to home. Also our Enhanced Business Pages have a comment section to write great reviews! Have an Event? Post at anytime and your vendors & residents can reply too, let say you purchased an ad, everyone could see you supporting the community, cannot do that on Facebook.

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