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Welcome To Our Community Page – Community Forums For The Colony, Texas!

First of all, this community board is just for the residents and business owners of The Colony, Texas and the Only exception is those who have purchased an Enhanced Business Page / we only use PayPal. All pages can be seen by the public and indexed by the search engines, please do not give out any personal information, we do not sell any of your information either. JT Goods and it’s affiliates do not endorse or represent anyone also please report any suspicious activity.

Like most website operators, collects non-personally-identifying information of the sort that web browsers and servers typically make available, such as the browser type, language preference, referring site, and the date and time of each visitor request.

Let’s Talk About Things In The Colony, Texas.

As a TCTG member you may post 24/7, ask questions and share what is going on in The Colony, Texas. Every business will have a comment section to write reviews, business can be interactive if they choose, you may also share a page on Facebook.

This is your Community Board please keep on subject here. Please No Drama, Fighting or Trash in any of the post, you will be removed. I have made a few different subjects to talk / comment / etc., Please post in the correct topic, Enjoy we are always open to new ideas.

To post or reply you must be a TCTG member, A Colony Resident and or Businesses Only or Business who have purchased an Enhanced Business Page. Join Us Today, just fill out the form below (if it’s says processing your done) you will be notified once approved. Please update your profile / password and once that is done make a post / your 1st post will need to be approve. Welcome Aboard!

Thank You and Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Community Forums”
  1. So, Why use our website forums? There are a lot of benefits in using a local community board. As a business directory, each page is created to be indexed with the search engines. Combining the business & community directory with forums just for the colony your members are all residents and can share local information while being able to visit or share your business page. Are you in business? This should be a win win for you, the more you are involved with the residents / community the better your business page / advertising works. Folks are getting tired of social media platforms and are looking for other avenues to get involved in that are more personal and closer to home. Also our Enhanced Business Pages have a comment section to write great reviews! Have an Event? Post at anytime and your vendors & residents can reply too, let say you purchased an ad, everyone could see you supporting the community, cannot do that on Facebook.

  2. Just a little update on our directory, the first 12 days of this month TCTG had 839 pageviews with 324 of them unique page views.
    Visitors are coming from Frisco, Dallas, Sanger, Las Vegas, The Colony, Boca Raton, Raleigh and many more. People are visiting our directory of businesses but also visiting our forum pages too. I’m still updating all business pages to be able to receive reviews from members.
    We did have a problem at 1st, previous members could not join in they had to start a new membership and now very little problems.
    This website was designed & created as a gift back to my community, to help start-ups, small to large businesses in their cost to run a business and provide residents a good product. Being retired making money is not my main goal but giving someone a helping hand in (that we did not have) fulfilling their goal / dream.
    I have and still learning when times are good or okay people do not take the time to keep pushing forward or branding their name. I hear all the time I’m: too busy, I do not advertise, i’m in the chamber, I only do word of mouth, I only use Facebook or social media and the list goes on. I wish you all the luck in the world, meanwhile my stats / volume grows everyday and everyday I keep adding pages. TCTG had about 2000 pages before reconstruction and I’m only back to about 400 pages. I will be going over all the different ad tools one by one and giving you the good, bad and the ugly about each one. Thanks Again and keep following us!

  3. RATS RATS RATS. It is not even “winter” yet and the calls and messages for rats getting into homes has been non-stop as of late. Rats are all over DFW and just about everywhere else you go. Does not matter if you live in Frisco, The Colony, Carrollton, Plano, Dallas, or any other city, or state.
    What can you do to fight back?
    – Keep the exterior of your home and property as clean and tidy as possible. This includes picking up pet droppings and keeping grass cut.
    – Ensure potential entry points are sealed. Rats only need about the size of 1 inch to enter an opening. If the head of the rat fits… the body will follow.
    – Trap, Trap, Trap. We prefer to use snap traps when dealing with rats as we can see our kills.
    – Reach out to Big E’s Pest & WildLife Management to help you in the fight!

    Fun Fact(s): Rats become sexually mature between 2-5 months of age, can have 4-6 litters per year and can produce 6-8 pups per litter. That’s 24-48 new rats per year, per female.

  4. With rat season upon our doorstep, let’s talk about how you can combat these creatures BEFORE they start living rent free in your home. Seal the entry points! This is a vital step in ensuring that rats and other wildlife stay out of your home. With rats being able to enter openings, sometimes smaller than an inch in size and larger, having a professional inspection done will help prevent rats and wildlife from getting into your home during the cooler months. Rats can chew holes in your HVAC system, duct work, and even your car parked in your garage. Text us today (469) 546-9894 to have us come out for an inspection. Mention The Colony Town Guide and recieve 25% off your inspection fee.

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