Sun. May 29th, 2022
The Colony Town Guide

Local Community Events Forum – Events in The Colony, Texas. Now TCTG Members may post events that will be happening in our community, from school, scouts, church, concerts and more. As a TCTG member you may post 24/7, ask question and share what is going on in The Colony, Texas. Please No Drama, Fighting or Trash in any of the post, you will be removed. Leave detail information, remember folks can leave comments and ask questions, so if you leave enough information (contact, who, what and where) folks will not have to ask questions. please if you post an event please respond / keep current.

You agree, You may not post any materials or links to materials that contain libelous, defamatory, false, obscene, indecent, lewd, violent, abusive, threatening, harassing, discriminatory, malicious statements or solicits products/services, etc. We reserve the right to remove any member, content or posts at our sole discretion.

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