Thu. Apr 22nd, 2021

Hello Everyone this is our Local Business Page! Let’s Talk Business Forum, Post about Your Business, link to your business page here in TCTG, Have Coupons or Specials and more in The Colony, Texas, Introduce Your Business 24/7!


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  1. Welcome to The Colony Town Guide, Your Local Business & Community Directory. We want to welcome self employed, mom & pops, start up, small to large businesses, our standard business pages are free and we have zero membership fees. All we ask is for you to keep your business page up to date. Being a member of TCTG you get a FREE Standard Business Page, A Free membership to our Blog, our Facebook page & group and you may advertise your business anytime. Once you have sign up, you are a member and approved. Our Blog can have up to 10 categories, I want to keep at least 4 for new enhanced business page, the other 6 we can make categories that members want, just ask. Welcome Aboard and post about your business here in this category anytime!

  2. A Tip For The Day! Do you know, Local Directories give you more ways to be found on the internet and are a direct backlink to your website. Backlinks give your website more respect with search engines and increased ranking with them in search results. Think about this what if you have a great website but no websites are linked to it, compare that to a very popular website with many websites linked to it. Now Google wants to bring you the best results when you search for anything correct? Which website do think will come up? This year get your business in as many resources as you can and make sure everything is up to date with a great description of your business and watch your website improve it’s ranking.

  3. Thank you for adding MillBro Critter and Home Sitters (214-454-0699). We are an in-home pet care specialist and offer pet sitting, dog walking, stand-alone home sitting, pet taxi, pet supply delivery, focused play session for mental stimulation and physical energy release, leash training skill, behavior and obedience reinforcement and more.

    Experienced, bonded, insured, certified, and trained in pet first aid, CPR, animal behaviors, and working with medically needy and physically challenged pets, we proudly serve residents of The Colony, Castle Hills, and parts of Little Elm, Frisco, and others within a 10-mile radius of our location.

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