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Welcome To Your Local Business Forum! Let’s Talk Business in our Forum, Post about Your Business, link to your business page here in TCTG, Have Coupons or Specials and more in The Colony, Texas, Introduce Your Business 24/7!

Our Standard Business Page FREE / We Do Not Have Any Membership Fees / We Do Not Sell Your Information or Load You Up With Emails Wanting You To Buy Something. Our pages are created to be indexed in the major search engines / it helps your business be found in many more ways and it boost your website rankings higher in the ranking as a backlink.

Our Only Source of Revenue is Google Ads, Banner Ads, Donations and Enhanced Business Pages, just using our site you are supporting us. Or you can purchase a membership at your local chamber or networking group for $250 up to $3500 + per year and the more money and time you keep spending the more recognition you get.

How we can offer this at such a low price, first we have very little overhead (I’m Retired and giving back to the community). We have Google ads on our pages, these are businesses already paying Google to advertise, then Google allows your ad to be on many sites hoping you to visit them in return Google pays out commission to the sites. The more traffic a site has the better the return.

So the more you use our site you are contributing back to the community and keeping cost down. The other way is we offer Enhanced Business Pages and AD spots for purchase, so if you purchased an Enhanced Business Page you should be encouraging people to use this site.

You agree, You may not post any materials or links to materials that contain libelous, defamatory, false, obscene, indecent, lewd, violent, abusive, threatening, harassing, discriminatory, malicious statements or solicits products/services, etc. We reserve the right to remove any member, content or posts at our sole discretion.

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Welcome to The Colony Town Guide

7 thoughts on “Local Businesses”
  1. Welcome to The Colony Town Guide, Your Local Business & Community Directory. We want to welcome self employed, mom & pops, start up, small to large businesses, our standard business pages are free and we have zero membership fees. All we ask is for you to keep your business page up to date. Being a member of TCTG you get a FREE Standard Business Page and A Free membership to our Forums and you may advertise your business anytime. Once you have sign up, you are a member and approved. Please stay with the forum subject when posting also all businiesses will have a comment section for you to leave reviews too, you may share any page to your favorite Facebook group / page.

  2. A Tip For The Day! Do you know, Local Directories give you more ways to be found on the internet and are a direct backlink to your website. Backlinks give your website more respect with search engines and increased ranking with them in search results. Think about this what if you have a great website but no websites are linked to it, compare that to a very popular website with many websites linked to it. Now Google wants to bring you the best results when you search for anything correct? Which website do think will come up? This year get your business in as many resources as you can and make sure everything is up to date with a great description of your business and watch your website improve it’s ranking.

    1. So you rely on your Facebook post for advertising?
      Is my Facebook post even being seen?
      But unless they’re interacting (liking, reacting to, commenting, or sharing) immediately with your content, there’s a chance Facebook’s algorithm will hide your post so no one will see it. They do this because they want you, as a public Page and presumably a business, to pay for visibility through Facebook Ads. Why Don’t People See My Facebook Posts?

  3. The world changes, more businesses open and close every day, so are you really in business or just in a local social group campaigning to the same people over and over trying to get new clients, do you really want to grow your business or you are happy just to make the minimum you need to keep going.

    I had a great question the other day: Why should I use your directory to search for a business when all I have to do is use Google? I get this question a lot, so how do you get to the top of Google when you search for a product or service? Do you really beleive just because you have a website Google is going to make you number 1? I have seen some really great looking websites but do not rank very well when folks are searching and your competition is beating you. Some responses I have heard and maybe you have said this or heard this too | I have too much business already, i only do word of mouth, I’m only in the chamber, I do not have time or money to advertise, advertising is to expensive, I tried it and it does not work for me, I have a regular customer base and more.

    Google wants to bring you the best search results. Your competition? Google Ads, Google maps (remember Google makes money on advertising) and now you get to the organic listings and now you have more competition? Yep, now you have the big box companies like Yelp, Yellowpages, Angie’s list and on and on, now everyone is making money advertising. So you have this great looking website you had to pay someone to build, maybe your the lucky one and had someone build it for you or you built it or use one of thoses quick website builders, Great, Now What?

    How Google Search works – Every time you search, there are thousands, sometimes millions, of webpages or other content that might be a match. Google uses its robust systems to present the most helpful information in response to your query.

    Now we get to the fun part, Google is like a populariety contest, they want to deliver the best and fastest loading sites to you. Not only are you competing with your competitor(s) you are also competing with Yelp, Yellow pages, Angie’s List (they have great page ranking), Chambers, local directories and so on.

    Your a start-up, small to medium business with a low advertising budget, let’s talk about how to increase your page ranking without having a large advertising budget. The Chamber of Commerce: I like, I think it is a good place to socialize in your home town / Not large cities. They too are a small business and in order to keep their doors open they will have membership fees and ways to advertise, the more you invest / spend with them the more advertising you get locally. They also sell your business information for revenue. Chambers compete with the city and the CVB (they get Hotel Tax money) and city tax money, Local chat groups like Facebook have group pages and they let you advertise (with rules) and most of them are for promoting their business. The chamber’s business directory most of the time is not built / design to be indexed on the web but they are looking for you to just use their website to look up local businesses, this use to be a great source but now-a-days we have the internet. Not Really Cost Effective.

    Google Ads: i like this one too, for a small investment you can be listed / advertise on many website! As I said before Google wants to bring you the best results or you pay them to be on top. They have a structure and the more you follow the better your ad placement or you have to pay more PPC.

    Yelp, Yellowpages, Angie’s List, etc. – I like them because you have to, they too are large business with investors looking for returns, they are large and dominate search results. So why do you need them? Because they are there and more than likely have you listed anyways, they also can work in your favor too! Make sure you go to each of these and complete your business information and keep it up to date, IT IS FREE! Now you can upgrade these too.

    The Colony Town Guide and why you should use us. Like our competitors above except we do not have a large expense accounts or investors damading we have returns / profits, we too will more than likely have you listed ( it is up to you how you look to your future clients), all of our pages are built to be indexed ( so you can be found when searching), it too gives you a backlink to your website if you have one, you Do Not Need A Website / use our page for your internet presence. We use Google Ads on our site to help offset some of the expenses, you are buying them anyways and Google pays a commission to place them on sites so it is a way to keep our cost low. We also offer facebook groups for you to advertise on and most everything is free. Yes we too look to advertising to operate and pay bills.

    So the big question is: “why should I use you, when I can just go to Google and do my search” fair enough, Let’s do a Google Search!
    Example of a local business listed in our directory (note: I cannot always get this kind of results) Go To Google Search and Type in ” curb address painting the colony” Notice the 1st thing is Google Ads the below The Colony Town Guide. below you will see FB, Nextdoor, yellowpage, etc.

    Members, have any questions or want to discuss this topic or want to know more please join in!

    I am truely amazed on the responses I’m hearing and this is the #1 response “I’m too busy to advertise”
    Well, the simple answer is that your sudden feast can just as quickly become famine.
    Reason to keep marketing – on top of maintaining and growing your sales – is the simple financial truth that it’s much easier to promote your brand when business is booming. When you have a backlog of appointments or an order fulfillment list that’s growing by the hour, your coffers should be filling up at the same time. However, when the phone stops ringing or the website orders dry up, it can mean needing to tighten the belt, making it all that much harder to justify keeping your marketing budget. Ironically, though, that’s when you need marketing the most.
    Most small businesses do not even last 5 years:
    51 percent of small businesses are 10 years old or less, and 32 percent of small businesses are 5 years old or less. Roughly a third of new businesses exit within their first two years, and half exit within their first five years.
    So what are you doing to keep going?
    Jt Goods started back at the end of 2001, we have seen many business start-up and people following their dream and many of them failures. This brings us to this directory, this is a gift back to our community, you should always know who is working only to generate money and who are working for passion. The city / CVB gets tax money and your advertising money to operate while the chamber is also a small business and relies on your money to operate, so where does that leave you, are they working for your benefit or to generate revenue?

  5. Tip For The Day!
    Any webmaster, marketer or someone who is doing your SEO knows TCTG is not meant to be you competition but is a means of supporting your business. You see in the internet world popularity is everything (or deep pockets), just one letter in a search can change everything. So if people are telling you we are just your competition then you need to get away from them, they do not have your needs as a priority. When TCTG comes up on searches ahead of you, that tells me your website is weak (if you have one) or someone has not done their job setting you up. TCTG is another powerful tool for you with great results and is cost effective too. You should be making sure all of the tools you have available to you are up to date and accurate.

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