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6805 Main St., Suite 450
The Colony, Texas 75056

VapeLuxe is a great place to find vape products and accessories and a wide range of high quality ejuice. We also carry high quality, 3rd party lab tested CBD products ranging from tinctures to flower, vapeables, edibles, pain creams and much more! We also have a lounge area with DirecTV, a pool table, plenty of seating and lots of great table games. We also allow BYOB (if you are 21+).  We sell cold soft drinks and will have a CBD coffee bar very soon. We are continuing our remodel and will soon have a dedicated space for a wide range of hemp products. We are always expanding our line of products for even more options for our customers. So, if you are looking for some great tasting ejuice, some CBD for your ailments, or simply want to hang out and have a great time, come and check out VapeLuxe today! (Open Tuesday-Sunday, closed on Mondays)


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